Hyde Park Jazz Fest – Day Two

Great last day of the Hyde Park Jazz Fest at the end of September. I played there on the Saturday with my trio ” Chicago Calling. ” So Sunday I  was free to catch all the acts . It was a great day of music !
DSC008031st ) starting with the John Burnett big band featuring one of my favorite singers, Frieda Lee.
DSC008052nd) next I caught Ryan Cohen’s group . They were great ! Some of my favorite horn players; Tito Carillo – trumpet, Jim Gailoretto – sax, and Geoff Bradfield – sax
DSC008073)  The next group was a killer horn line-up led by great trumpeter Victor Garcia ! You can see Victor playing in the video of my quintet when we played at Room 43 .
DSC008134)  The last band of the fest was a wonderful mix of horns and strings and guitar led by Orbert Davis. Howard Levy( harmonica )  and Orbert ( trumpet )did some great trading ! What a fabulous day at the fest .

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