Jammin’ at Room 43

Howard Reich wrote ;
Saalik Ziyad is best known in Chicago for his work with experimental artists, particularly those of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). Indeed, Ziyad improvised compellingly alongside his father, Taalib-Din Ziyad, and the AACM’s Great Black Music Ensemble at the Englewood Jazz Festival in 2013.
But Ziyad also can convey the essence of a romantic ballad quite well, as he proved during the Chicago Jazz Festival in 2012. Duetting with Chicago singer Sarah Marie Young in the venerable “Teach Me Tonight,” Ziyad’s plush lines persuaded Young to temporarily desist from the screaming that marked much of the rest of her set, no small feat.
Ziyad will sing a tribute to Johnny Hartman with saxophonist Juli Wood’s Chicago Calling band, featuring pianist Leandro Lopez Varady, bassist Harrison Bankhead and drummer Avreeayl Ra, 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Sunday in a session presented by the non-profit Hyde Park Jazz Society at Room 43, 1043 E. 43d St.; $10; hydeparkjazzsociety.com.

At the Greenmill

 I often catch the late night band at the Green Mill on Sunday nights. The Joel Paterson trio
Joel Paterson – guitar, Chris Foreman – organ, Mike Schlick – drums. Joel always asks me to sit in.
It’s such a great band , I always really enjoy them !

Hyde Park Jazz Fest – Day Two

Great last day of the Hyde Park Jazz Fest at the end of September. I played there on the Saturday with my trio ” Chicago Calling. ” So Sunday I  was free to catch all the acts . It was a great day of music !
DSC008031st ) starting with the John Burnett big band featuring one of my favorite singers, Frieda Lee.
DSC008052nd) next I caught Ryan Cohen’s group . They were great ! Some of my favorite horn players; Tito Carillo – trumpet, Jim Gailoretto – sax, and Geoff Bradfield – sax
DSC008073)  The next group was a killer horn line-up led by great trumpeter Victor Garcia ! You can see Victor playing in the video of my quintet when we played at Room 43 .
DSC008134)  The last band of the fest was a wonderful mix of horns and strings and guitar led by Orbert Davis. Howard Levy( harmonica )  and Orbert ( trumpet )did some great trading ! What a fabulous day at the fest .